Devising from Text

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Word are part of verbal communication that most of us use every day. They have meaning attached to them which allows us to share knowledge and understanding with those around us. But what happens when we interpret these words through our bodies? Do we understand them differently? Does it change how we fell? Does the meaning become more complicated? Or even more clear?

Making movement from words can be helpful way to get to the heart of the thing we are trying to communicate, offering us a way to distil into one simple action what it might take a whole paragraph of writing to say.

It is possible to take words from anywhere. They can be action words or feeling words, invite literal interpretation or something altogether more abstract. It really does not matter how or where you chose them from, you can use these words to inspire creative response and playful experimentation.

When making movement from words, you might sometimes find you end up with a string of individual actions. In this case it is up to you to fund dynamic and creative ways to link them into a sequence for use in performance.


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